Vue.JS App Development

Vue.js app development

Due to Vue's adaptable style and versatility, it's easy to scale your app in any direction without too much effort. High flexibility makes Vue a perfect solution for startups that grow rapidly, as well as established companies that want to have more control over the solution.

The framework’s rich ecosystem makes setting up a project very quick and straightforward. Vue.js practically does the job for you, so developers can concentrate on picking the right technology and tools. Using vue-cli, developers can quickly scaffold a new project with all the bells and whistles that are required in modern web development.

The progressive JavaScript framework Vue.JS Development

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The framework also offers higher legibility of code and much cleaner structure than other JS frameworks, again making development much faster. Vue has an elegant solution called Single File Components, which bundles the template, component definitions and CSS in one neat file. This is possible thanks to the vue-loader Webpack plugin.

Additionally, the support from Vue’s core team guarantees compatibility with all packages. It’s easy to integrate it with other libraries or existing projects (e.g. with Rails). The Vue community is also getting much bigger and better at developing ready-to-use smart components. Vue is close to original JavaScript code and uses original templating. this is reflected in simpler code which is easier to maintain as a result.

Vue is also perfectly capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications when used in combination with modern tooling and supporting libraries.

Finally, numerous well-established companies have already leveraged Vue.js in their projects. They include Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, Xiaomi, Alibaba, WizzAir, EuroNews, Grammarly, Laracasts, Gitlab, Codeship, and Livestorm.

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